such as fish tanks, and allow small goldfish tanks in the room

Three secret key words: conjoined clothes

Efficacy: protect the baby’s navel

Baby’s skin is delicate, sweaty, clothing materials should be soft, hygroscopic, good air permeability, and easy to wash, with light pure cotton, or pure knitwear suitable, in the air-conditioned room baby clothes are more than one more than adults. No matter how hot the summer is, keep your baby’s stomach and feet warm. The small editor here recommends the body clothing, because the body is not easy to let the baby’s belly button out, so that the baby’s chance to reduce the cold, and the clothes is a button, the urine is more convenient.

In addition, in the air-conditioned room, mother has two choices for the baby’s dress, one is to stick to a small vest, and the two is to put on the middle sleeve clothes, and never be afraid of the cold of the baby, and take out the winter clothes directly. The winter clothes making and material are not suitable for the demand of the summer air. So mom is going to prepare more small clothes.

Four secret key words: fish tank

A lot of people have tried to hang their clothes in the air-conditioned room. Even if there is no washing machine, it is very dry one night. This is the powerful dehumidification effect of the air conditioner. The dry skin makes people hate to make up the wet weather in April to the air-conditioned room. If you put a basin of water in the evening, to second days, the basin water is less than half of the water, the baby’s body water is limited, if the evaporation of such a large amount of water, it is easy to cause dehydration of the body. The best way is to put some water containers,

In addition, green plants can also produce water vapor. More green plants in the living room can also increase the humidity of the air. The last way is no way – „artificial humidifier”, when choosing the size of the room to determine the size of the humidifier, it is necessary to pay attention to the humidifier where the baby can not reach the place, so as not to touch the baby accident.